Thursday, 31 July 2008

ILP Walkthrough

Continued from previous set of screenshots... (As ever, click to enlarge/expand images.)

'ILP' stands for 'Individual Learner Profile'...

... a document which students are encouraged to fill out to aid them in the reflective process.

It was designed by Caroline Jacobs at the University of Portsmouth and adapted for the University of Reading by my colleague, Sarah Morey. The version we're seeing here has been further adapted (by me) from a paper-based form to a slightly more interactive web-form.

The idea of it being like this is that it fits seamlessly with the portfolio course-integration that I developed to making using e-portfolios in Blackboard easier.

If the user clicks the ILP option accidentally, they can always back out by clicking the familiar-looking 'Cancel' button at the bottom. As you can see in this screenshot, they're asked to confirm that this is what they want to do and warned they will lose any answers if they click 'OK'.

If the student clicks 'Submit' but hasn't answered every question, a little alert box tells which ones they need to go back and do.

This way, the students can't miss anything; they have to complete all questions before they continue.

When they finally do click 'Submit', the answers are automatically stored in their portfolio.

More on Step Four soon.

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